Going to ho see Guardians of the Galaxy!

mass effect: femshep movie posters

Guess who has two thumbs and got a packet about possibly becoming a shift supervisor today? Me.

A New Dawn: Leona

Bang Bang - Ariana Grande, Jessie J and Nicki Minaj

Not Asuka’n for it.

PSA: At Starbucks you are eligible for refills (or free refills if you’re a green or gold starbucks member) so long as you remain in the store, once you leave we are fully in our right as dictated by company policy to charge you again and offer you a cup discount if you bring back your cup once you leave the store. So please don’t try to argue with me when you bring your cup that has a sleeve we haven’t used for 3 months or your cup that has a drivethru sticker on it (we’re a cafe) and expect to get refill price and then yell at me when I won’t give it to you. xoxo

I was tagged by twilight-minaj to post six selfies so here ya go.

Lobster Tail, Scallops and corn on the cob over rice pilaf. #happybirthdaydad #longhornsteakhouse (at Longhorn Steak House)